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Windows Me sucks!

I promised my self that I was going to update this Blog atleast once a day, so therefor I've just popped by to say this;

1: I hate winME! Thank God that I get win2000pro tomorrow....imagine, no programs running exept winamp and the fucker tells me I don't have enough memory to execute Notepad! I mean...what gives, eh? I admidt, 64MB of ram aint that much but it should be enough for the fucking notepad to start!

2: just wanted to say Good night to y'all. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite :)

...oh yeah, here's some words of wisdom I just came up with (and yes, I invented that one!!!); "Water's wet, sky is blue. Women have secrets, what else is new?"

aint I something eh? :p


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